• A Summer of Wanderlust

    (image via bskphoto) If you've been following us on Instagram, you'd notice a few posts on beautiful destinations. Bali, Hawaii, Philippines, and anything tropical for that matter. Paradise calls for us right now, and we think we're about to purchase a one-way ticket there.  This summer, where wo... View Post
  • Common Zodiac Stereotypes

    This blog entry was first seen on House of Akih.  Whether you’re a Scorpio, Libra or Capricorn; your zodiac strings a stereotype that may seem annoying or flat out relatable. With that in mind, don’t be surprised when your peers say, “Oh that is so Leo of you.” Why? Because like it or not, th... View Post
  • 2017 Summer Bucket List

    As if you need excuses to enjoy summer, right? We've come up with 45 things to do to make this season incredible. View Post