2017 Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially upon us meaning more time for late night dates, sleepovers, and watching a marathon-long of Harry Potter. As if we'll ever get tired of Mr. Potter, right? Well, besides that, there are plenty of things you should do while the days are still long!
1. Have a barbeque. 
2. Go on a road trip to California. 
3. Swim in the ocean. 
4. Have a sleepover. 
5. Build a fort. 
6. Volunteer to pet sit. 
7. Shop the internet for super cute jewelry [;
8. Read a novel. 
9. Host an ice cream party. The more flavors, the better.
10. Go to a pool party. 
11. Meet a cute boy. 
12. Start a blog, and write about your summer adventures. 
13. Go to a museum. 
14. Talk to someone completely opposite of you. 
15. Go thrift shopping. 
16. Have a water balloon fight. 
17. Make a music video with friends. 
18. Have an Instagram takeover. 
19. Binge watch on Netflix. 
20. Buy concert tickets. 
21. Hold a free hugs sign to a festival. 
22. Attend a festival in your hometown. 
23. Try a new hairstyle. 
24. Do your nails with your girl friends.
25. Cocktail night out. 
26. Make a scrapbook. 
27. Go bowling. 
28. Discover a new Spotify playlist. 
29. Try a 30-day challenge. 
30. Have a bonfire. 
31. Go camping. 
32. Go hiking. 
33. Stargaze with your friends. 
34. Try new dance moves. 
35. Fly a kite. 
36. Go to a water park.
37. Go to Disneyland. 
38. Watch fireworks. 
39. Watch the sunset. 
40. Have a trip to the aquarium. 
41. Build sand castles. 
42. Hunt for sea shells. 
43. Visit the Farmer's Market. 
44. Make Lemonade. 
45. Eat S'mores

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